awe and wonder

Everywhere you look in creation you see unimaginable, intangible power and strength. From the submicroscopic to the unending breadth of the celestial, we are “brought” repeatedly to awe and wonder.

strength is awesome

What is strength? It is manifested by courage and unwavering power of will. It’s awesome. But to be honest, I don’t know what it is. I know it is an essential trait for leadership, but then so is humility. I know strength is fearlessly honest and sincere, but so is goodness and holiness. I know that Jesus was the perfect example of strength. And I’ve noticed that the further removed something or someone is from Jesus the more rare true strength becomes; history tells this story clearly. So what is strength and why don’t we find it readily? Join the marble forest team in exploring this.

dads are strong

My dad stood up for me to a store manager. He was a complete stranger to us. It was scary to me. My dad told him that my toy broke. The man in charge was dressed up fancy, and he told us that I was rough with my toy and it was my fault it broke. My dad countered that I was a very careful and responsible boy. He told the guy that the toy he sold us was defective.

He fought for me. I was his son and he believed in me. 15 minutes later, after talking with a few other people, the owner of the store came out and made things final. He told my dad he can’t return this toy. He told him that his son mishandled it and broke it. This settled it. I was disappointed, but that’s okay.

My dad continued to fight. He wasn’t gentle as he pressed on. He wasn’t polite, though he was respectful. He wasn’t pleasant. In fact, everyone in the store left. I remember him mentioning that to the store owner. I remember how, to my father, it was a simple situation; the store owner did not want to stomach the responsibility that was clearly his to take.

The man with the fancy clothes gave me my money back. I was really surprised. My dad barely mentioned it on the car ride home. He wasn’t surprised.

don’t be afraid to be strong

Jesus wasn’t. The Pharisees were a big problem. Jesus did not act very Christian towards them. Not at all. Thank God!

He went toe to toe with Satan on the mountain top. Actually, he chose to go up the mountain knowing what was waiting for Him. He was fasting, also.

when people do things really well

Strength and beauty arrest our souls; I love when people do things really well. Who doesn’t. They work really hard for a long time and overcome great obstacles. Gymnasts are amazing. Dancers are incredible. Writers of great symphonies accomplished great feats of strength. Overcoming personal struggles requires strength. Doing the right thing is an exercise of strength.

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