Have you seen what’s beyond the tapestry?
The frail fabric?
Have you felt something deeper than yourself?

i forgot about me.
there was only what was before me.

Have you been given a glimpse?
When you closed your eyes,
did you feel something new?
Nothing grabs you anymore.

The frail fabric is a wisp.
The wisp is smoke, and it disappears.
The trees and land are sweet.
The silence quenches.
The thirst is no more.

Have you seen it?
Have you felt more than you can?
Did you let go?
Did you completely let go?

i did, once.

A place deeper than myself,
and I don’t know how it happened,
or how I got there.
I saw past it, the tapestry.
I saw something on the other side of the
frail fabric.

Deafening silence,
Calming radiance,
a dance.
Have you?

i did,