hearts and minds

We are souls; hearts and minds fearfully and wonderfully created by a holy, gracious, and loving God. We are prized above all of creation and by Jesus’ act and decree worthy of celebration and love.

souls are the most obvious invisible things

You can’t see them, but you also can’t miss them. There is nothing like human-kind on earth. We are made of something different. How this escapes otherwise reasonable people is beyond me. People are not the product of random and natural causes; we come from what is real but unseen to us.

people are really quite beautiful

When we’re not steeped in the horror of the fall, when we’re just plain Jane, with nothing added–our souls are arresting beauty.

Step back, away from the marauding lies of culture. You’ll see the simplicity of what I’m saying. Most small children understand this. It may take some relearning, for grown-ups. People are a sight to behold! Try taking God at his word–the author of the earth and beyond said our souls are really good!

souls are really expensive

The incarnation of love, the cross of Christ, bought our souls at the highest price. The manufacturer’s emblem and signature of ownership is written on our souls.

be careful with us

We ought to be super careful with each other. We are very expensive. You know the owner is very careful with His belongings–and considering what He paid!

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