Before a Rain Drippin Land

Before a Rain Drippin Land

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This collection of poetry and prose poetry brings readers into the landscape of ambitious and hopeful youth. It opens with a sequence of four prose poems that create a context and atmosphere that is both hauntingly beautiful and unnervingly unpredictable and mysterious. It progresses to our adventure through darkness and struggle, love, brokenness, and ultimately optimism as we find faith and genuine love.

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A collection of poetry and prose poetry that reaches deep into the experience of being sensitive and passionate in a culture that is often insincere and cold.

Clairla – Curtis and Ellen – Adrianne – What I Did Not Know – Born and Given-Up Alive – Prostrate – a Melody – Freedom – The Sky – Anger – Woman – this morning – Silent Inspiration – The Artist in Five Stages – I Could Die Today – I Should Die Today – I Want to Die Today – I Died Today – I’m Dead – Is Honor a Noun? – MODERN – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich – Faithful Affection – A Pearl – Peanut, Butter, and Berry, Jelly, Sandwich – Sympathetic Vibrations – Dear Beloved – Death – Holiness – A Cigarette – Faithful World – Eternity – Twelve Words – Stories

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