compassionate and gentle

Humility was an unending web built into every facet of creation. And at the center of it, mankind was humble before God, and the creator of galaxies chose to walk on earth with people.


Humility is beautiful. It’s what takes away our breath. It opens the world to the light of life.

compassion unties the veil of this world

Compassion is like anti-matter. It has a special power to dismantle. Little remains, in the presence of compassion, after the clammer and nonsense of pride and insensitivity implodes on itself. The awkward, uncomfortable truth is revealed as the fallacies of arrogance fade. Compassion undoes the bite of sin’s poison and brings us back to the truth of Eden.

uncontrolling surrendered gentle kindness

When we are gentle and kind we are Godly. Gentle kindness is surrendered compassion. It is not controlling. We are willful ambassadors when we are gentle for God’s sake; kindness is what anyone would say about us.

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