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    David DumdeiDavid Dumdei

    important reading before you get started in the marble forest

    guidelines for commenting and posting in forums

    1. Focus on what unites you and reject arguments about doctrine. That’s not what this community is about.
    2. Treat others like they are smarter, wiser, and more informed than you are.
    3. Clean and positive language.

    guidelines for publishing blog posts

    1. Focus on the Kingdom of God. Our community is about the new Eden, not darkness.
    2. Avoid divisive topics. When they are necessary, be humble and respectful towards those you disagree with.

    guidelines for social media functions

    1. Keep things genuine, honest, and humble. This is not Facebook. Skip the facades and avoid the superficial.
    2. Your wall is primarily an opportunity to share project ideas, your skills, and resources you would like to share.


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