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Everyone is creative. There is no exception. People are, in their very essence, creators. Among the foundations of what makes us human is the inspiration and ability to make new things from our world and our lives. It’s part of the image of God in us.


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the most important thing i’ve learned so far

If I could only impart one trait to my children, I would choose forgiveness and compassion for others. We naturally think of these as important gifts for those that have...

longing for eden

When he wrote this passage of music, Gustav Mahler, arguably today’s most popular symphonic composer, knew that these would be his final notes. He wrote “Almschi!” into the margin of...

the beautiful feet of a strong servant

Humility is a prerequisite for true strength. Likewise, strength is essential for humility. There's nothing contradictory about a strong servant or a humble leader. In fact, they are, perhaps by...

two sides of the same coin

It is human nature to thrive amidst our striving–and to desire things to work just that way. We work hard and then we win! Western culture has developed largely out...

before light was invincible

Before light was invincible it was narrow, slow, and obscure. Even so, the ocean has not always been raging, unrelenting love. And me, I am not good. I’m not decent....

excerpts from “before a rain drippin land”

The following are a few excerpts from a book of prose poetry titled, “Before a Rain Drippin Land” by David Dumdei. It can be purchased in the marble forest store....

excerpts from a play about eden

Following, are excerpts from “A Garden in the Midnight Mountain Forest“, a play by David Dumdei. The play, in two acts, explores and contrasts our desire for a life filled...
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