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marble forest is an online community of collaborative creators including writers, musicians, artists, photographers, editors, bloggers, and thinkers. We post and publish a variety of media including articles, music, creative writing, art, videos, and blog posts. We also have an online store where we sell publications from our members.

turning back to eden

Turning back to Eden is about turning our focus back to the important things, and to leave behind most of what the world makes a big deal of. Turning back to Eden is to set your heart and maybe even your goals and dreams on God’s kingdom–as it is here and now, and what is to come. marble forest is about going straight to what really matters, to what life and creation has really been all about since the beginning…

things that really matter

What matters and what is real is the new Eden–the kingdom of God–as it begins now and continues after our bodies die. God intended our eternal hearts to be at home in the Garden of Eden, a place of goodness and belonging, the most lush, holy, beautiful, peaceful place in the universe; everything is as it was made to work and meant to be.

the seven things marble forest is about

Some things are real and others are not. Light is real and darkness is merely the absence of light. marble forest is about seven things that are real: strength and humility, light and soul, creative and unique, and love. These seven things are made into categories into which people can post creative writing, art, music, and blogs.

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the miracle of love and restoration

our new home

When we were expelled from the garden of Eden, we lost nearly everything. Adam and Eve were stripped of their sense of belonging, they became foreigners without a place to call home, they lost their identities, their sense of security…


Most importantly, we are told, something inside of them died. And from this death, they lost their strength. Then humility, as they tried desperately to compensate. The casualties continued with their holiness and goodness; guilt stripped down their souls, and they tried to quench the thirst by conforming their uniqueness to idols.

love times seven

As heart breaking as all that is, it can’t ever compare to what happens next. God takes bad things and makes it mind-blowing awesome and breath-taking beautiful. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been a direct witness to this. It’s mysterious and quiet, gentle and direct. To me, it feels like He is mocking evil; but I don’t think that’s it. “God is good” is the cliche I can repeat forever and ever…


God came humbly, in a weak and fragile body. As the new Adam, He shattered the powers of this world. Light tore apart the body of sin. He bested the dragons; the prince of this world was crushed by His strength. Unrelenting love elevated the broken souls of mankind. Men and women are free to take back their original identities and purpose. We have a home; we belong. Nothing can ever change that, now.

marble forest categories

bound up in an exuberant jubilee


Everyone is creative. There is no exception. People are, in there very essence, creators. Among the foundations of what makes us human is the inspiration and ability to make new things from our world and our lives.


Humility was an unending web built into every facet of creation. And at the center of it, mankind was humble before God, and the creator of galaxies chose to walk on earth with people.


God’s goodness and holiness is the real light to the world–that which sustains everything. The sun is a parable. And light itself, in all it’s magnificence and mystery is an expression.


The human creation is a grand mystery worthy of celebration. Our hearts and minds are fearfully and wonderfully created. There’s more to us than we understand. Things like psychology may not even penetrate the surface of the human soul.


Everywhere you look in creation you see unimaginable, intangible power and strength. From the submicroscopic to the unending breadth of the celestial, we are “brought” repeatedly to awe and wonder.


Everyone and everything is unique. That’s just the way it is. Each facet of creation is particularly special, remarkable, and unusual. Apparently, that’s just how God would have it.

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